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Divine Renewal Retreat Centre is a chosen place of God, for all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed and religion for the renewal of life and to be healed of mind, body and soul through the ever living Word of God. This centre, which was inaugurated on 8th September 2008, belongs to St. Thomas Province of the Vincentian Congregation, a Religious Congregation of priests whose members are well known for their Charismatic Preaching and healing ministry.

The beginning of the God chosen ministry can be traced back to 22nd July 2007 when two of the Vincentian priests Fr. Bobby Emprayil and Fr. Binoy Puthiyedath landed up in Dibrugarh Bishop’s House having invited by Rt. Rev. Bp. Joseph Aind SDB, the Bishop of Dibrugarh to preach the renewal retreat for the priests. Later in 2008, Bishop Rt. Rev. Joseph Aind, invited the Fathers to preach a retreat for all the Catechists (600 of them) of the Diocese. The great success of the retreat was instrumental for the diocese to offer a plot of land in Margherita to the St. Thomas Province of Vincentian Congregation to start a retreat centre. An agreement was signed between Rev. Fr. Mathew Pothalil VC, the then Provincial of the Province and Rt. Rev. Bp. Joseph Aind SDB. Fr. Dinny Pandimattam VC was sent to stay in the parish of Margherita with Fr. Vijay Minj to begin the ministry on 8th September 2008. Fr. Bobby Emprayil Joined Fr. Dinny in the parish house in September 2009.

The Diocese had built the primary buildings to start the ministry and entrusted to the Province and a solemn blessing and inauguration ceremony took place on 8th Dec.2009, which was attended by many priests, religious and hundreds of faithful. The same day Fr. Bobby Emprayil took charge as the first Director of the centre. At present there are five priests, four sisters and more than hundred volunteers at the service of the people who come in search God experience. Divine Renewal Retreat Centre being the first Centre in the Diocese where continuous Eucharistic Adoration and preaching the Word of God and healing services take place, which have brought about a drastic change in the people of the Diocese and even of the other Dioceses who have come to know about the centre. .

Divine Renewal Retreat Centre, Margherita

Divine Renewal Retreat Centre, Margherita